Weathering the Storm, Article 3

Gentrification and Redlining Series
by Erin Runnels

Now that we have identified the problem and the impact it has on the community, let’s take a look at what’s being done to help mitigate the crisis. Residents who are priced out of their homes are left with little to no options and at risk to experiencing homelessness. One possible solution that has been making positive change is placed based revitalization.  

The displacement of large groups of people from gentrification is a reason why placed based revitalization is one of the ways to help keep residents in place and soften the impact of rapid gentrification. The goal is to make sure residents don’t have to uproot their entire lives and relocate. This can be done by renovating existing homes and connecting them to resources in the community that support their needs in multiple areas of their lives.

There’s a strong focus placed on homes because the quality and health of a home determines the overall quality of life for those living in it. Some homes in the neighborhood have major issues like mold, no central AC/Heating, out of date appliances, and common home repair problems that worsen when not fixed immediately. They can also cause health problems for the residents too.

Frazier Revitalization is working hard to make sure residents remain in their homes through the Frazier Healthy Homes Project. The mission is to renovate 40% of the owner-occupied homes in the Betrand Neighborhood and provide easy access for residents to do so in a timely manner. Not only will it make the residents’ homes healthier to live in, but it will improve the overall look of the neighborhood as well. This will make investors look at the Frazier community as a viable option to invest in.